In my work I tell stories about women and economics.
About being seduced by the greatest myth of all: The Economic Man.
Stories about human behavoir and psychology

The Economic Body / stills from 5 screen video installation
Lehman Sisters
- or the witches are coming
Performance reading, 2017. (in process)
  Knowledge Power Place Politics
With Åsa Sonjasdotter and Andrea Creutz
Sep 2017 (in process)
  Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner?
Produced for the exhibition Fontaine at Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon - Samtidskunst
October 2017 (in process)

Rehearsing Woman on the Edge of Time
May 2017
This video performance is a paraphrase of Marge Piercys feministic sci-fi novel from 1976.
Video 17 minutes, 2 textworks on wall.
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  The Economic Body
2016, a 5 screen video installation. See video

Your Money or Your Life: Feminist perspectives on Economy /
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Exchange Library
Since 2016.
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  Book launch
Your Money or Your Life: Feminist Perspectives on Economy # 1-4
Edited by Bonnie Fortune and Lise Skou
Published by Trade Test Site Imprint.
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  Trade Test Site
Since 2015
An artistic research plaform seeking to raise a discussion about feminist economics, possible future
scenarious of trade.
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