- A performative lecture, 2013

By Bonnie Fortune, Sophia-Marie Seitz Rasmussen and Lise Skou

adam smith

Adam Smiths Mother is a performative lecture focused on gender and economy.
Taking a perspective of feminist critique we return to the household of Adam
Smith, as he is writing the foundational text on the study of contemporary
economics, The Wealth of Nations.  

Smith’s writing took place in the safe space of his mother’s house-his domestic
needs, cooking, cleaning, etc. were taken care of by her labour.

We are interested in returning to this theoretical oversight–the point where Smith
neglected to account for the hidden economy of the household while developing his
ideas on free market economies that continue to shape today’s economic theories.
We want to look at the hidden economies of the home as non-capitalist sites and
discuss how focusing on these hidden economies, might shape an understanding of
a future beyond capitalism, or at least produce a more nuanced understanding of
contemporary economics.

We are inspired by feminist critiques of economics: The End of Capitalism (As We
Knew It)
J.K. Gibson-Graham; Caliban and the Witch Silvia Fredirici, and Feminism
Without Borders,
Chandra Talpade Mohanty.

Manuscript for Adam Smiths Mother was written by:
Bonnie Fortune, Sophia-Marie Seitz Rasmussen and Lise Skou

Produced in 2013

Performed at:
">Protective Space - The Art and Theory Laboratory<".
Thealit, Bremen. 

Curated by:
Curated by Kea Wienand and Monika Wucher.