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Who we are.
CUDI was established in an apartment in Vollsmose, Odense, in the summer of 2000
by Lise Skou and Lasse Lau.

Vollsmose is bounded on the outskirt of the city and has a multicultural climate - 60%
of the 10.000 inhabitants have a foreign ethnic background, divided between 78
different nationalities.
The apartment is our private home and the residence of visiting artists but it also
houses various exhibitions and art projects. Furthermore the apartment forms a
framework for talks, films, and evenings of various social activities. CUDI function as
a platform for development of ideas, art projects and exhibitions within sociality, con-
temporary art and -culture.

CUDI deliberately operates in the cross field between art, architecture and social
activities, acknowledging the fact that contemporary art, society, shaping of space
and critical reflection today make a coherent field of meaning.
A common denominator for CUDI's multifarious projects is to influence the shaping of
public spaces while enthusiastically seeking a dialogue with the community in order to
establish a platform for social gathering, for dialogue, analysis, critical thinking and
the generation of ideas.

What we want.
We want to create a meeting-place for the many ethnic groups who live in this com-
munity. CUDI's many varied activities all take their starting point in the social and
cultural conditions and premises of the area. It is important that the visiting artists
and we carry the projects through in collaboration with the other residents and base
the projects on their ideas, needs and wishes.
The keyword is dialogue. We want to accentuate the resources of the area. We want
to establish forums where a dialogue can take place, where ideas are generated,
projects are created and visions arise.

CUDI is a reaction to the medias representation of a reality that is in opposition to
ethnic minorities.
CUDI is a reaction to the authorities marginalisation of social loaded families.
CUDI wants to change or displace existing social norms and structures to obtain more
cultural visibility and democratic equality.
Through formation of network CUDI wants to encourage and strengthen the identity
of the area.

A collaboration between Lise Skou and Lasse Lau

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