Environmental Justice

Parade, poster campaign, seminar and exhibition at COP15.
Organized by Field Work /Lise Skou and Nis Rømer

Poster for parade and exhibition. By Oliver Ressler.

"Environmental justice refers to inequitable environmental burdens borne by groups
such as racial minorities, women, residents of economically disadvantaged areas, or
residents of developing nations. Environmental justice proponents generally view the
environment as encompassing "where we live, work, and play" (sometimes "pray" and
"learn" are also included) and seek to redress inequitable distributions of environmental
burdens (pollution, industrial facilities, crime, etc.) and equitably distribute access to
environmental goods such as nutritious food, clean air & water, parks, recreation, health
care, education, transportation, safe jobs, etc. Self-determination and participation in
decision-making are key components of environmental justice. According to a compilation
of thoughts by several notable EJ organizations, root causes of environmental injustices
include "institutionalized racism; the commodification of land, water, energy and air; un-
responsive, unaccountable government policies and regulation; and lack of resources and
power in affected communities"
. (from Wikipedia)

Poster for parade and exhibition by Alan Bolden.

Place and time:
From the Bella Center to Kunsthal Charlottenborg.
Meeting place: Corner Vejlands Allé & Ørestads Boulevard
Time: Wednesday the 9th of December 2009 at 13:00

Exhibition and seminar:
Exhibition: 9th - 15th of December
Seminar:12th of December at 14:00
At: Kunsthal Charlottenborgs, Kgs Nytorv 1, Copenhagen

Posters from parade and exhibition at Charlottenborg. By Amy Balkin and Field Work

Field Work (Lise Skou and Nis Rømer)
Curator; Marie Gadegaard from Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Malin Amundsen (NO), Amy Balkin (US), Katherine Ball (US), bankleer (DE), THE
BEEHIVE COLLECTIVE (US), Joe Bigley (US/NO), Ronald von Bijleveld (NL), Alan
Boldon (UK), Eva la Cour (DK), Kevin Darras (US), Rune Drewsen (DK), Field Work/
Lise Skou & Nis Rømer (DK), Amy Franceschini (US), Ylva E. Harestad (NO), Nikolaj
Kilsmark og Nynne Haugaard (DK), Bryan Lauch og Petra Pokos (US/SI), Lucy Morley
(UK), Svetoslav Nedev (BG), Cornelius Onitsch (DE), Roger Peet of JUSTSEEDS (US),
Oliver Ressler (AT), Pilar Roldán (ES), RVLTN/César Maxit (US), SEA CHANGE (US),
Kristin Sele Hellestø (NO), YNKB (DK), Simon Woolham (UK)

Seminar Speakers:
The two speakers will present and discuss artistic interventions in relation to
Environmental Justice.

Amy Balkin's work is concerned with spatial and environmental justice. She is best
known for works whose medium is the land and the geopolitical relationships that
frame it, in projects that address the transformation of the environment into property and
wasteland, creating counter-narratives and counter-spaces. These include the collaboration
Invisible-5 , an environmental justice audio tour, and the clean-air park Public Smog.
In 2007 she traveled to Greenland as an artist with Cape Farewell.

Mel Evans has been part of environmental and social justice art-activist group
PLATFORM since July 2008, a horizontally run organization which straddles research,
campaigning, art and intervention. When not researching UK banks financing of climate
change, she has been know to join others in climbing aboard coal trains destined for Drax
power station. Currently she is working hard on the application for a judicial review of the
condition-free RBS bail-out in the UK and the grassroots mobilizations for COP-15 in
In this seminar, Mel will focus on three PLATFORM interventions:
And While London Burns, C Words, the Treasury legal challenge.


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Posters by Amy Franceschini, Bankleer and Beehive Collective.