Free Culture Camp

Field Work - Protest walk. Read more on Field Work's project below*

The culture that we all create should not be owned or privatized by corporations. No
idea comes from solitary confinement, but builds on long traditions of free exchange,
cultural production, everyday life and lived experience. The instrumentalisation of art
and culture for economic gain is an invasion of our life worlds that needs to be
addressed and countered. We want culture that is free, critical, counter productive,
anarchistic, shared, sustainable, public and participatory as well as recklessly
entertaining. We will produce with lust for life and dance on the graves of the
bloodsuckers from the creative class and the experience economy.

Free culture is not only a question of copyright but a wider issue of access to com-
mons like land, water and air. How can these resources be distributed in a just way
and how do we secure that the side effects of our culture; scarcity and pollution is
not once again just becoming somebody else's problem.

Free culture is a 3 day camp in rum46. Events and talks will be mixed with
performance, production and group works. It will be a live-in environment for cultural
production, and exchange between academics, artists, social movements and a parti-
cipating audience.

amy balkin
Read more on Amy Balkin's project here

KAYLE BRANDON AND KATE RICH (UK) Cube Cola -Standing on the hands of giants.
Read more on Cube Cola's project here

Curated exhibition+ work by Field Work

At Rum46, Århus Denmark ( -a non-profit exhibition space for
contemporary art and surrounding public space.

CAMP: 28th of February-1st of March 2008, open to all
Exhibition: 1st of February- 16th of March. Wed-Sat 12.00-17.00

Field Work, Nis Rømer and Lise Skou

Sine Bang (DK), Kayle Brandon (UK), Kristine Briede (Latvia), Adams &
Itso, Field Work (DK), Groupwork/Students from the Art Academies (DK), Andreas
Wegner (D/AUS), Henrik Moltke (DK), Amy Balkin (US), YNKB (DK)

*=read more below
Thursday the 28th of February
18:00 Opening, beer and food
19:30 FILM: Good Copy Bad Copy + talk by the films co-director Henrik Moltke

Friday the 29th of February
14:00 YNKB, Repair workshop (throughout the day)
15:00 Cube Cola, performance/ talk by Kayle Brandon
17:00 Andreas Wegner: Concerts in Shopping Malls, 2001-2003
19:00 Food for all

Saturday the 1st of March
12:00 Civil Rights Walk with Lise Skou and Nis Rømer*
14:00 YNKB, Repair workshop (throughout the day)
14:00 Kristine Briede about her project in Karosta, Latvia
16:00 Amy Balkin, Talks about her projects.
18:00 Films and discussion w. Groupwork (DK)**
19:30 Food for all

Further info:
*Field Work:
Field Work will depart in the changes that have happened from 2002 and till today in terms of restrictions and limitations on civil rights in Denmark. The background is terror, but the laws and legislations means a restriction on rights of ordinary people in terms of working politically and making public protests. While there has been much talk about freedom of speach in Denmark, it is Ironic that at the same time rights of individuals have been restricted.

One way this is manifest is trough complex legislation passed by allmost the entire Danish parliament. We wondered how power is distributed trough these almost unreaddable texts. We have made a poster that sums up the legislation. We think that action is required. This aught to be a case for popular protest. We will walk one of the most important civil rights marches: "The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom" August 28, 1963, in the streets of Århus.

Andreas Wegner; Concerts in Shopping Malls, 2001-2003
Within the project “Concert”, a collaboration of Andreas Wegner and Peter Waechtler,
several unauthorized concerts took place in Berlin shopping malls. The short concerts
(Guitar, Beatbox, Vocals, amplifier, rechargeable battery, two folding chairs, one
folding table 2,50 m) were announced by posters and invitation cards. They were
often interrupted in harsh ways by the security staff, so that in these cases the
concert was continued in front of the mall. The lyrics of the songs refer to the specific
sites of the performances. The series of concerts is a research on the relationship
between customer, mall, security and music.

**Films and discussion w. Groupwork/ Students from the Art Academies (DK):
The first film is an Interview with a person who started "Society for Organized Access"
- a housing network that through mapping and shared Knowledge administrates empty
houses in the city of Copenhagen. The second film is about travelling in a freight train.
The 28th of December 2007, 4 persons went from Padborg to Basel. Three of them
met again to talk about and analyse their experience.
After the screening of these two films we would like the audience to actively partic-
ipate in constructing a situation. A room for for discussion.
Why do we seek non-spaces? What can we receive from these, and how are we able
to construct situations and spaces of action within what we could call alienating spaces?

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