"It was said that the crisis
was a paradigm shift,
that everything would now
be different."
(Christine Lagarde,
France's Minister of Finance 2010)


Trade Test Site
(Since 2015)
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  Exchange Library
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    Ecology of Production - a summercamp
In collaboration with Bonnie Fortune
xx Hidden Economies - a seminar on economic possibilities
In collaboration with artist Bonnie Fortune, associate professor at the Jutland Art
Academy Brett Bloom and museum director Sanne Kood Olsen.
At Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, Denmark.
October 23-24 2014
x   The Household Reading group
with Bonnie Fortune and Sophia Marie Seitz-Rasmussen
-A Household is as a container for many projects
-A Household reminds us of the concept of a domestic economy.
-A Household is the site of non-capitalist class process.

The household, then, can be seen as involved not only in capitalist reproduction but also in the reproduction of non-capitalist class processes such as the independent class processes of self-employment and ‘self-exploitation.” (J.K. Gibson-Graham)

Household is a diverse group of practitioners focused on issues of gender and economics.
We begin by questioning the binary conception of gender and feminized labour within Capitalism.

We are interested in raising questions and creating discussions around domestic economies, feminized labour, care work, affective labour, global Capitalism, domestic work, and non-Capitalist sites among other issues.

Gender shapes economic history and practice, from early notions of currency associated with ‘bride price’ to contemporary characterizations of temporary job contracts as feminized labour and affective labour requirements for even the most low paying jobs. 
Our project begins with seeking a way outside, beyond, and around Capitalistism. We seek to trouble the idea that Capitalism is an impenetrable hegemony by focusing our research and projects toward non-capitalist sites and alternatives to the dominant culture.