xx PATHS
A CUDI project

Intervention in public space

In a number of projects CUDI has worked with interventions in already existing
structures in a way that makes their implications problematic, explicit, change them
or displace them.
CUDI is interested in urban structure and city-planning, the way public spaces has
been constructed and especially how these spaces should work: what it is supposed to
mean and what kind of usage of the public space the chosen way of planning should
produce or bring about.
In this project CUDI has focused on a number of paths in Vollsmose. Paths that have
been created transversely/across the path-system that is incorporated in the local
city plan from 1969. The (over time) created paths are a documentation of human
behaviour in the area. The paths show the dissonance that has arisen between Le
Corbusier’s ideological and aesthetic macro-plan and human behaviour in a regulated
and controlled space.

CUDI decided to apply the cooperative housing society for permission to flag the
paths with flagstones and put of streetlights to incorporate the paths in the city-

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