Selected work:
Rehearsing Woman on the Edge of Time. 2-screen video. 17 min
  The Lehman Sisters - or the witches are coming. 2017-18 (in process)
  xx Knowledge Power Place Politics, w Aasa Sonjasdotter and Andrea Creutz, 2017-18 (in process)
  Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner? 2017 (in process)
  Rehearsing Woman on the Edge of Time - reading performance, video, 2017
  The Economic Body - video installation
  Fight With Cudgels - photo series
  We all suffer from capitalism, but refuse treatment - reading performance
  Adam Smith's Mother - lecture performance
  How the fuck do w get out of this capitalism place - public space banner project
  The Revenge of the Crystals - Videoinstallation.
  A Collective Arrangement Of 18 Minutes - scripted lecture-performance
  Communities of Desire (Lystfællesskaber) - Happening
  Swop Book - Published by Swop Projects / Lise Skou & Andrea Creutz
  Hallucinogenic Parks - Installation.
  Workaround - Drawings.
  Environmental Justice - 'Handlung', parade.
  Landscape and Power - Videoinstallation.
  Free Culture Camp - 'Handlung'.
  Swop Soundarchive
  Hidden Flow Project
Give Away Shop
      Story Space on Gift Economies
      My Land, My Water - Videoinstallation
      Psychological Operations - Stockholm. At LARM-Festival. Soundpiece. A projects by Andrea Creutz and Lise Skou
      PSYOP/ Psychological Operations at Minority Report. Soundpiece. A projects by Andrea Creutz and Lise Skou
      Spatial Resignation #2
      Spatial Resignation
      Trans It
      Woman in Transition
      Weed Value
      Women 2003
      Who's Next What's Next?
      Exploring the territory and questioning your environment
      Who Is Teaching Whom?- A collaboration with Andrea Creutz
      Building Democracy - mapping the real. Event, film and installation. 2009
      Mobile Tea House - travel through suburbs of Europe
      Mobile Tea House
      Suburban Gardening
      Vollsmose in the Future
      Lawn at 2 floor
      From Home to Centre
      CUDI/Centre for Urban culture, Dialogue and Information - Statement
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