xx Psychological Operations - Stockholm. 2007
      xx xx A soundpiece by Andrea Creutz and Lise Skou

      xx xx

Psycholgical Operations/PSYOP is a project, which investigates the unconscious
influences and psychological processes leading to the formation of intolerance and
stereotypical images.

Through a series of workshops, the participants were confronted with power structures
and manipulative processes influencing the individual.This material forms the starting
point for an audio play installed in Teaterbaren in Stockholm Kulturhus for the duration
of LARM.

In addition a number of napkins were produced with printed statements focussing on
exclusion/inclusion and selection processes. These were handed to costumers when
they bought drinks and food in the café.

Installation and intervention
In collaboration with Andrea Creutz

Shown at:
"LARM-Festival", Stockholm Kulturhus, Stockholm, SE. Catalogue
Curated by Liv Strand and Maria Bergström

Napkins with quotes placed in Teaterbaren in Stockholm Kulturhus
5 speakers installed in the ceiling along the windows in the café.

Also shown at:
"Minority-Report - Aarhus Festival of Contemporary Art", 2004
Curated by Tone O. Nielsen, Kirsten Dufour and Anja Raithel.

"Spooky Truth", Hal D. Copenhagen, DK. Catalogue
Curated by Suzanne Russell. 2007.

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