Image from the exhibition Imaginary Republic at Tag Team GAllery, Oslo. 2016
      2016   "Your Money or Your Life - feminist perspectives on Economy # 1-4"
Edited by Bonnie Fortune and Lise Skou
Published by Trade Test Site Imprint

xx "We all suffer from capitalism, but refuse treatment".
Book. 86 pages. Text by Lise Skou in collaboration with Gritt Uldall-Jessen.
Published by Antipyrine
  "Swop Projects".
Book. 118 pages.
Published by Swop Projects - Andrea Creutz and Lise Skou

  "GRATIS - The Free Paper". Published by Swop Projects - Lise Skou and Andrea Creutz.
Commisioned by Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory - Utrecht (NL).
  2005   "Solidarity UNLimited". Free paper, published by rum46.
  2001   "Centre for Urban culture, Dialogue and Information".
Text by Lise Skou and Lasse Lau.
Published by Kunsthallen Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense (DK).

  "Retfærd - Nordic Journal of Law and Justice". Contribution by Field Work/Nis Rømer & Lise Skou.
"Get Lost - et atlas over det (u)mulige København" ("Get Lost - an atlas of the (im)possible Copenhagen"). Published by DAC/Danish Architectural Centre.
  2007 xx "Give Away In Circulation". By Swop Projects. OPEN #12. - on open source culture.
Cahier on art and the public domain. Published by NAi Publishers SKOR, Rotterdam (NL).
  "Who Is Teaching Whom?". By Swop Projects. In ArtWurl.
"What Is To Be Done?" By Swop Projects. In Øjeblikket #48 (Documenta 12 Magazine).
  2006   "Capital - (It Fails Us Now)". Article by Swop Projects from the Swop Sound Archive
Published in Nifca Info 1/05.
  2005   "Som Fisk Ikke Ser Vandet". Published in City Rumble - Kunst, Intervention og kritisk offentlighed (City Rumble - Art, Intervention and Critical Public). Edited by Mikkel Bolt og Karin Hindsbo.
Published by Overgaden – Institut for samtidskunst/ Forlaget Politisk Revy.
  2005   "CUDI". In Borders Unfolded Magazine.
  2002   "Who's Netx What's Next". In Fundamentalisms Of The New Order.
Edited by Lukas & Sternberg. Published by Nifca & Kunsthallen Charlottenborg, Cph. DK.


  2013   "It's the Political Economy, Stupid - The Global Financial Crisis in Art and Theory" Ed by Gregory Sholette and Oliver Ressler. More about the book
  2012   "Multiple Choices". Edited by Judith Schwarzbart. Published by Oslo Kunstforening. Text by Eca Diaz on About CUDI - a project by Lise Skou and Lasse Lau, 2000-2002, p. 39-40.
  2010   "Intervention og Kunst - socialt og politisk engagement i samtidskunsten" (Intervention and Art - social and political engagement in contemporary art). Book by Solveig Gade.
  2010   "Handlung. On producing possibilities". Pavilion - journal for politics and culture / #15.
Published by Bucharest Bienniale # 4.
  2009   "Land of Human Rights - artistic analyses and visions of the human rights situation in Europe"
Published by Rotor - association for Contemporary Art, Vienna (AU).
  2006   "Counting Favours". By Merel Willemsen. In Untitled Magazine.
  2006   "Nybrud - dansk kunst i 90'erne" - af Rune Gade og Camilla Jalvig. Udgivet af forlaget Aschehoug.
  2005   "MicroPolitics". By Mette Sandby. In Politiken.
  2003   "Skulptur i Eventyrhaven og Vollsmose". Book published by Odense City Council.
  2001   "Down And Out In Budapest and Vollsmose". By Dorte Abildgaard
In Art India – The Art News Magazine of India Vol. 6 issue 2.
  2001   "On CUDI/Centre for Urban culture, Dialogue and Information". By Simon sheikh.
Published in catalogue for solo exhibition at KBK/Kunsthallen Brandts Klædefabrik, (DK).