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rum46 is an artist collective started in 1995. rum46 function as a social and
collaborative space for contemporary art.

As an artist-curator collective rum46´s practice today is characterized
through the key words socio-political and exchange.

The projects and art practices rum46 are engaged in often focus on social dialogue
and discussions, which can put important social and political problems in
play. Via exchange and interaction within the social, political and cultural field rum46
shows new spaces and possibilities of action and alternatives in relation to the society
we are part of.

In recent years the practice of rum46 has been divided into both long
termed and short termed projects.

The long termed socio-political projects by rum46 mainly takes place in the
public space and in the location of rum46.

The short termed projects presented by rum46 as well as the parallel initiatives by
each member reflect the heterogeneity of voices and interests within the group. At
the present time different kinds of international exchange-projects, actions in
public, open network database, and sound events are some of many initiatives.

rum46 also encompass live performances, reading groups, investigations on digital
media, smaller exhibitions, book editions and debates as host or collaborator with
artists, artist groups, curators, theoreticians and educational institutions.

See examples of projects by rum46 at the external website

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