Swop Projects - The Book

The objective of this book is to present Swop Projects and some of the initiatives and
projects we conducted within this framework. Apart from the material, documentation
and concrete output, the book also includes three texts commissioned from authors to
give an idea of the contexts in which the various projects operated. As a backdrop, we
chose to include a text by writer and researcher Kolya Abramsky, which outlines the
political and economical climate. We asked Emily Pethick, director of CASCO at the
time, to contribute a text on how to build relationships around an art institution by col-
laborating with artists. We also asked freelance curator Katarina Stenbeck to contex-
tualize the project from a contemporary art perspective.

To us, the work of developing alternative strategies and micro-models is a collective
effort involving individuals from various groups and local communities. In order to
understand local contexts and, not least, to be able to imagine alternative goals, we
have operated within an international network. We started in Copenhagen and around
Denmark. The project then brought us further afield to cities in Europe and beyond. We
met people and visited local communities whose relationship to contemporary culture
is based on ideas of co-operation, collectivism and social diversity in the local environ-

During the years we spent on Swop Projects we learned a lot, both personally and pro-
fessionally, through meeting people who inspired us, presented us with ideas and who
generously shared their knowledge and experience. We hope that we, through this book,
can communicate the views of a political and artistic sphere as well as share some of
the critical and diverse ideas that we have had the privilege to come across during the
course of our work. We hope to inspire others and to arouse the readers’ curiosity in
the same way as our own curiosity was kindled.

Andrea Creutz and Lise Skou, November 2010.

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