A CUDI project

Workshop and intervention

Workshop held with students at Humlehaveskolen (public school).
Intervention in Vollsmose shopping mall.

This project is a reaction to a report publicised by Odense Municipality regarding the
future of Vollsmose.
A report that describes different initiatives that in the next 10 years should change
Vollsmose from its image as crime ravaged ghetto to an attractive neighbourhood.

Experts made this report without connection to the area and without involvement of
people living there.
Vollsmose in the future is a workshop that focuses on the inhabitants’ wishes and
ideas for a future Vollsmose.

The project represents the voice of the people living in Vollsmose and its turning point
is the individual's possibilities of development and co-influence.

The workshop is a joint expression of the inhabitant’s attitudes and took place from
December 7th to December 21st 2000.

From Monday December 18th to Friday December 22nd we opened a ”Drawing Office”
in the Vollsmose Shopping Centre. Here we exhibited drawings, collages and scale
models made during the workshop. And we invited everyone from the area to present
his or her suggestions and vision for the future.

Subsequently, this material was gathered and transformed into a new report based on
the material provided by the people living in Vollsmose. The report was sent to all the
municipality authorities, which are involved in decisions regarding the future of
Vollsmose. We insisted that these authorities include this material in their decisions
regarding rebuilding Vollsmose.


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